Thursday, 20 February 2014


You asked for a daily blog as I have fallen by the wayside on my monthly reportage, so if ennui sets in during the reading of the next two weeks sojourn in London, TOUGH!

As I hate flying and as Aziz says, my nervous energy rises at least three days before I leave either of my Nidos, I have panicked all of this morning, cleared our leaking Cave of all my rubbish clothing and covered all of AC's with plastic ready for the builders who say they will make it leak-proof whilst I am away!

MAYBE!  I will believe it when I don't see the damp.


Cleared my hats apart from the one that might get me upgraded!  Finished my gym workout by eight in the morning which is normally the time I am preparing my first cup of coffee in bed, run to the stables to see my Italian Stallion, changed his rug, given him sugar and carrots, driven in huge hurry to Cortona to pay any outstanding accounts, visit my hair-doer, bank, etc.

Hat photo

Paid bills, most shops closed so no retail therapy possible, went to get hair done for entry into London looking less like a farmer and discovered I was one hour late!! 


Two and half hours to wait, so guess where I am!  Whether or not I will get home is another matter!  I like the red more than the white!!!

Home by three, go find the grave they dug for PhanTom (1) yesterday, pack, panic a little more, curse the BBC for moving their satellite stopping me from watching the Winter Olympics, watch Lamu leave with Hessi for two weeks, killing me with sadness as her eyes tell me I have abandoned her to an eternal life of misery, again.

Stalk the property with a whiskey and water and a fag, neither of which I have touched for months, check the greenhouse and my already sprouting seeds, give the ponies some sugar, talk to the doves, pull a weed or two, answer some emails, go to bed and worry for ten hours until the taxi arrives.

Well, you asked for it.  You said daily reports would be more ....  I forget the word.

Photo phantom

(1). PhanTom

NĂºmero uno feline.  (Came and went in the night)!

He adopted us, but obviously had a first home.  Came initially to steal our cat's food but we fell in love and he came ever after until yesterday.  He developed a terrible cancer on his nose which we operated on once but after it had returned I knew his days were numbered.  He hadn't eaten for four days, couldn't walk and was coughing so I called the vet to say I didn't want him to be outside for two weeks whilst I was in London and would she please put him to sleep.

Her eyes told me I was murdering him.   Silly girl.  I loved him and was doing what I would want someone to do for me when I have a great growth on my nose, can't walk, etc., etc.

Pollo grille arrive!