Sunday, 17 January 2010


Queen Elizabethand I have both suffered from bad years. This last year beats all for me but luckily I have tucked myself away in the depths of Tuscany to lick my wounds and so not many have noticed.

I really cannot remember how the year 2009 began but I do know that I was enjoying my vegetable garden and my greenhouse in the early months. Planting early veg and flower seeds and then in April taking my usual ride at Paolo's stables on my wonderful Salty, then suddenly one day I lay in the open riding school eating gravel on the floor with Lamu curled beside me licking my face but otherwise unable to get help.

This must have been the first time I paid attention to detail in my life!! I think I have always thought every day was a rehearsal for what I would do when I grew up!! That day was the first day I felt I was facing my own mortality.

I have never felt the necessity to read any instruction manual for a new piece of electronic equipment or something necessitating construction, I always knew how to work it out for myself. I suppose this is how I have also viewed life, I could always work it out for myself.

That day, I have no recollection of how I landed up on the floor eating dirt, or why my dog was whimpering by my side, or why Salty was looking down on me, reins dangling, I just knew I hurt and life had opened the door marked "Looser" which had for 66 years read "Survivor".

Childhood problems I had none but from the age of 21 when I married a highly intelligent, successful actor, my life took on a drama that would be worthy of any stage in the land.

I intend to write this when I can no longer race cars, (early), throw myself off horses (recent) or garden.